I work over other lash techs work on a case by case basis. Please note that if the previous work is unsatisfactory, I will remove the lashes and start with a fresh full set. My goal is to make sure you have healthy lashes.  


If you are over 15 minutes late your appointment will be automatically cancelled and your deposit will go towards your rescheduled appointment. You will be responsible for booking your next appointment on your own. If you miss two appointments your deposit will be forfeited.  


No Call No Shows will be blocked from booking again and your deposit will not be refunded. No exceptions!  


Space is limited. Please do not bring additional people (including children) unless they are being serviced. 


Please come makeup free for your appointment.  Regardless of service, we need a clean foundation to work with. 


LASH FILLS- You must have 40% of your lashes remaining otherwise you will be charged for a full set.